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This is the rough draft of my research paper on scoliosis.

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Well, I checked out twitter which I had actually started an account about three years ago but never used it. Yeah I do not see what all the hype is about it looks kinda lame!

Until today, I have never had the opportunity to experience a poetry reading. I found this reading very interesting and eye opening.
I cannot really think of a poem subject that I would like to right about due to the fact that I have never written any poems! I have listened to rap music so I suppose that may count as hearing poetry but I have never written a rap song or a poem.
This is where I am going to comment on all the research that I find in the library on Friday the 24th. Here are some of the topics that I am looking for ; causes, symptoms, statistics, cures, remedies and research.

I have chosen to research Scoliosis and here are a few links that I will use to find more about this condition.

    The reason I chose to research this topic is because my daughter is affected by this condition and as a parent I am interested in knowing what this condition is all about.
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